We support manufacturers of printing chemicals.


Company Profile

Intec Chemform is one of the leading consulting companies for manufacturers of printing chemicals. We have an outstanding worldwide track record in chemicals for the printing industry, with both start-up and multinational manufacturer companies.

A key focus has been helping manufacturers to develop and commercialise chemicals for the printing industry for worldwide release, from a 100 % formulation transfer of our developed printing chemicals to a wide range of chemical consultancy.

Intec Chemform is worldwide the frontrunner with environmentally friendly, unique chemical solutions with excellent health and safety profile and value for money.

The most exciting and innovative chemical solutions for the printing industry in the last years on the world market was developed by Intec Chemform.

Intec Chemform currently serves countries around the world and we know the global market for printing chemicals very well. For years we have been supporting manufacturers of printing chemicals in 38 countries.


Our Mission

  • Innovate with cutting edge technologies
  • Eliminate the use of alcohol, solvents and other harmful substances
  • Enhance awareness of the importance of sustainability and the environment
  • Research and Development of new innovative chemical solutions
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