Blanket and Roller Washes

Rubber compatibility: NBR (for conventional offset inks) rubber


Formulation NumberProductInfoFlash pointVOC-contentFOGRA/ISEGA Certification available
14-24-457Blanket and Roller Washbased on Solvent D40> 44 °C100 %no
14-24-458Blanket and Roller Washbased on Solvent D60> 63 °C100 %yes
14-24-459Blanket and Roller Washbased on Solvent D80> 80 °C100 %yes
14-24-460Blanket and Roller Washbased on Solvent D100> 100 °C100 %yes
14-24-461Blanket and Roller Wash for Heatset onlybased on Solvent D120

high evaporation rate

> 120 °C0 %yes
14-24-462Blanket and Roller Wash for Sheetfed, Cold- and Heatsetbio-based

MOSH and MOAH free

> 140 °C0 %yes
14-24-463Blanket and Roller Wash for Sheetfed pressesEmulsion

MOAH free

> 68 °C41 %yes
14-24-464Blanket and Roller Wash
for Elettra washing systems
MOSH and MOAH free
> 180 °C0 %yes
14-24-465Cleaning solution to pre-wet wash clothbio-based
MOSH and MOAH free
> 160 °C0 %yes

VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds
MOSH = Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons
MOAH = Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons

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