Offset Plate Chemicals

Formulation NumberProductInfoDosageVOC-content
17-24-811CTP Developeruniversal developer for ctp offset plates, high anti-sludge additivesready to use0 %
17-24-812CTP Replenisherreplenisher for ctp plates (if needed)ready to use0 %
17-24-813Ctcp Developer 1+9developer for Ctcp and conv. offset plates1+9 with water0 %
17-24-814Plate Gumgum for all offset platesup to 1+3 with water0 %
17-24-815Gum Arabic Solution 25%25 % solution of gum arabicready to use0 %
17-24-816Baking Gumbaking gum for all offset platesready to use0 %
17-24-817Plate Processor Cleanerctp, Ctcp and conv. offset plate processor cleaner1+76 %
17-24-818Offset Plate Activatorplate activator for ctp, Ctcp and conv. offset platesready to use0 %
17-24-819Offset Plate Cleanerwithout abrasiveready to use33 %
17-24-820Offset Plate Cleanerwith abrasiveready to use33 %
17-24-821Offset Plate Cleanerodourless, MOAH freeready to use33 %
17-24-822Surfactant package for ctp developerfor the production of CTP Developer4 %0 %

VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds
MOAH = Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons

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