Speciality Chemicals for the Printing Industry

Formulation NumberProductInfoFlash pointDosageVOC-content
18-24-901Anti-Adhesive 2 in 1protection and cleaning, prevents ink and glue deposit on metal parts> 80 °Cready to use19 %
18-24-902Silicone Emulsion for Heatset, different concentrationwith double rub resistance and antistatic additivesN.A.ready to use0 %
18-24-903Silicone Replacement for Heatsetlike 60 % Silicon EmulsionN.A.ready to use0 %
18-24-904Anti-static additive for Heatset siliconesuper high concentrated antistatic additiveN.A.6 % - 10 %0 %
18-24-905Ultra power Cleaneruniversal power cleaner

MOSH and MOAH free

> 70 °Cup to 1+3 with water25.5 %
18-24-906Corrosion inhibited emulsifier for Blanket and Roller Washes3 % added to solvent D60 and you have a finish Blanket and Roller Wash> 63 °C3 %100 %
18-24-907Film Cleanerfor manual cleaning of films, mounting foils, with antistatic properties< 3 °Cready to use100 %
18-24-908Booster for solvent based Blanket and Roller Washesincrease the cleaning power

MOSH and MOAH free

> 68 °C2-4 %40 %
18-24-909Water conditioner for automatic washing systemsimprove cleaning performance, minimize start-up wasteN.A.3-4 %2 %
18-24-910Corrosion protection fluid for the printing pressMOSH and MOAH free> 140 °Cready to use0 %
18-24-911Anti-Set-Off Pasteto add to the offset inkN.A.1-2 %0 %
18-24-912Cleaning paste for ink rollersdeep cleaner for quick colour changes (from dark to light colours)N.A.ready to use0 %
18-24-913Water based primer for digital HP Indigo printing systemsforms a clear transparent film, excellent abrasion and scuff resistanceN.A.ready to use0 %
18-24-914Tack Reducer Gelfor offset inks, bio-based> 140 °C1-3 % to the offset ink0 %
18-24-915Anti-Skin Liquidprotects the offset ink against the formation of skin> 45 °Cready to use100 %
18-24-916Film Developer 1+3for Graphic Arts FilmN.A.1+3 with water0 %
18-24-917Film Fixer 1+3/1+4for Graphic Arts FilmN.A.1+3/1+4 with water0 %
18-24-918Roller Protection Gelprevents dry runing of ink rollers> 160 °Cready to use100 %

VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds
MOSH = Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons
MOAH = Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons

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