Intec Chemform are the global trendsetter and leader in environmental friendly and innovative chemical (formulations) solutions for the printing industry. We develop the chemicals of tomorrow.

The most exciting and innovative chemical solutions in the last 3 years on the world market for the printing industry was developed by Intec Chemform.

STOP the use of Harmful Solvents!

All solvents are toxic. There are no safe solvents on the market. It’s no need to use solvents anymore. Better cleaning performance and more economical with our microemulsions and biochemicals product formulations.

Intec Chemform

Product information

New “Generation 5” formulation

of Fountain Solution for alcohol free printing

We have taken our leading and proven, high quality fountain solution for alcohol free printing and add a new wedding and viscosity technology, a new buffer and corrosion protection system. Improved performance and more economical. That perform the fountain solution to the highest available technology level.

We Have A Worldwide Leading Chemical Formulations Of:


VOC Free

Solvent Free

Biocide Free

Alcohol Free

Printing Chemicals


Microemulsion is a mixture of oil (solvents), water and surfactants with a very small emulsified droplet size, this make the product clear/transparent. This technology shows in different cleaning agents a much better product performance and lower raw material cost like standard products.

The main application for this formulation

  • Blanket and Roller Washes
  • UV cleaning agents
  • Flexo- and Screen printing washes
  • Special cleaners

Intec Chemform offers uncomplicated formulations of stable and very effective Microemulsions.
No high shear mixing systems are required, production takes place with standard propeller stirrer.

Better cleaning power and lower raw material cost
for cleaning agents with


Innovation is a key driver of our chemical formulation.

The developed printing chemicals (formulations) are believed to be of the highest quality on the world market with the best value for money. All product formulations are characterised by a high degree of innovation and sustainability respective of the raw materials used in the formulations.

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