New Formulations 2023/2024

Cleaning concentrate for fountain circulation systems, biocide free

Formulation No. 12-24-211
Dosage: 1+6 with water when cleaning the system all 3 months
1+12 with water when cleaning the system monthly
Info: Very strong cleaning power with immediate effect. Removes bacteria, yeast, fungi and other contamination. Dissolves all residues from ink and paper. Removes calcium deposit in the system. Can be used in sheetfed, cold- and heatset fountain circulation systems.
Raw material (chemical) cost: Euro 0.21 per litre

Water conditioner for automatic washing systems in the printing press

Formulation No. 18-24-909
Dosage: 3-5 % into the water tank of the cleaning system
Info: Improve cleaning performance, minimise start-up waste, drier blankets, better removal of paper dust from blanket and rollers. Keeps the water tank and circuit contamination free, prevents calcium deposit, contain corrosion protection additives
Raw material (chemical) cost: Euro 0.28 per litre

Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate, water based, with cleaning booster

Formulation No. 15-24-537
Dosage: pure or up 1+8 with water
Info: High concentrated power cleaner for the pressroom, used in sheetfed, cold- and heatset, flexo and screen printing. Removes all kind of ink deposit, glue and oily/fatty residues and all other contamination from all kinds of surfaces. Removes water based and UV varnish. Removes caked and glue residues from gluing machines for folding boxes. Can be used for cleaning of press frames, floor and general cleaning.
Raw material (chemical) cost: Euro 0.48 per litre

Fountain Solution Coldset / for Colorman e:line, world’s fastest newspaper press

Formulation No. 11-24-235
Dosage: 2-3 %
Info: High Quality, Premium Fount for this printing press.
Please note, this fount is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free
Raw material (chemical) cost: Euro 0.82 per kg


UV Blanket and Roller Wash, water based, Butoxyethanol free

Formulation No. 13-24-365
Rubber compatibility: EPDM (UV) rubber
Flash point: > 68 °C
Info: This wash is
· 2-Butoxyethanol (CAS-No. 111-76-2) free
· MOSH (Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons) free
· MOAH (Mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons) free
Raw material (chemical) cost: Euro 0.86 per litre

Corrosion inhibited emulsifier, to produce Fogra approved Blanket and Roller Washes

Formulation No. 18-24-906

Info: To produce Blanket and Roller Washes based on Solvent D40, D60, D 80, D 100, D 120 / Addition to the solvent: 2-3%

Raw material (chemical) price: Euro 2.08 per kg (Euro 1.84 per litre)

Blanket and Roller Wash, for sheetfed presses, Emulsion

Formulation No. 14-24-463
Rubber compatibility: NBR (conventional offset inks) rubber
Flash Point: > 68 °C
Info: Optimised for automatic washing systems and manual cleaning. Corrosion inhibited, excellent cleaning performance, remove calcium deposit on ink rollers too.
Raw material (chemical) price: Euro 0.71 per litre

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