Go Green

Replacement of Solvents in the Printing Industry

  • MOSH (Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons) free
  • MOAH (Mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons) free

Sustainability and the Environment
Over recent decades the issue of corporate responsibility in relation to the environmental impact of industry on our planet and its eco-system have come to the fore and there has been a shift in attitudes. The world has moved into an era where every person and business is now eco-aware and conscious of their own carbon footprint. Great value is placed on this both in moral and monetary terms.

Businesses all over the world are benefiting from introducing new ways of being environmental friendly as it reduces their costs of production and waste management; provides a safer place of work for employees and greatly benefits their company image as they operate under sustainable and environmental friendly practises.

Health and Safety
All solvents, natural or synthetic are toxic ! There are no safe solvents on the market ! Contact either with liquid solvents or inhalation of vapours the emit into the air are hazardous. In general, solvents can irritate and damage the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, cause a narcotic effect on the nervous system and damage internal organs such us liver and kidneys. The kind of damage can be acute (from single heavy expose) or chronic (from repeated low dose exposures over month or years). In addition, some solvents are especially hazardous to specific organs or can cause specific diseases such as cancer.

Go Green with our washing and cleaning solutions (formulations) based on Biochemicals. Wide range of product formulations available, from Ink Stripper/Hard Ink Remover, Blanket Rejuvenator or Blanket and Roller Washes, over 25 products for different application available. Fogra and ISEGA formulations are available.

Food Packaging Printer can replace solvents with Biochemicals from the printing process to be sure that the food packaging has no contact with any solvent.

No Health, Physical or Environmental Hazard. No GHS labelling. Excellent Health and Safety Profile.

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