The World First Biocide Free System Cleaner

The World First Biocide Free
System Cleaner

(Formulation No. 2/FSA-210)

Clean the fountain solution circulation system and remove all bacteria, yeast, moulds and residue from paper and ink. Even in case of optimum filtration, bacteria, ink and paper dust will be still in the system. This will lead to substantial trouble in the printing process. Mainly with IPA free/reduced printing is highly recommended to clean the fountain solution circulation system one time per month.

Technical Information

  • Water based cleaning concentrate for dampening systems (fountain solution circulation systems)
  • Very strong cleaning power with immediate effect
  • Removes bacteria, yeast, moulds and other contamination
  • Dissolve all residues from paper and ink
  • Biocide free
  • Better cleaning results as conventional cleaners for this application
  • Prevents build up of slime and residues in lines and pumps
  • Micro active cleaning technology
  • Can be used on Sheetfed, Cold- and Heat set presses
  • Corrosion inhibited
  • World’s First Biocide free cleaner for this application!
  • Very cost effective

Recommended dosage: 1+3 to 1+6 with water, depending on the degree of soiling

In order to achieve optimum cleaning effect contact time to affected are (lines and pumps) of at least 2-3 hours is recommended. To prevent blockages, inspection of filters and overflows is advisable.
In coldest presses, turbo and spray dampening units are to be closed. Once the used cleaning solution drained, the dampening system must be flushed with clear water until the water runs clear and all residues are removed.


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