Alcohol free printing with the new Fountain Solution Sheetfed

Alcohol free printing
“with the new” Fountain Solution Sheetfed

(Formulation No. 1/FS-111)

The new generation of this fountain solution sheetfed formulation is an update from our original tried and true high quality formulation and is based on the latest fountain solution technology for alcohol free printing. Consistent with uncompromising commitment to “Premium Quality”, there have been several significant product performance and health and safety improvements.

  • Better ink drying
  • Suitable for UV inks too
  • VOC content under 5 %
  • Butyl Glycol (2-butoxyethanol/CAS-No. 111-76-2) free

Technical Information

  • Eliminates the need of alcohol.
  • Formulated to run with less water
  • Lower ink consumption.
  • Very strong buffer system, guarantees a stable pH value
    at all conditions.
  • Suitable for all water qualities.
  • Optimal ink-water balance.
  • Sharper dot and lower dot gains.
  • Fast start-up and lower paper waste.
  • Strong corrosion inhibitor.
  • Protects the plate surface during machine stops.
  • Improves the gloss of the ink.
  • Designed for conventional and UV inks.
  • Suitable for high speed presses.
  • Low build-up on the blankets and therefore long washing intervals.
  • Improves the ink drying.
  • Content very strong anti-foaming additives.
  • Eliminates bacterial growth of algae, bacteria and fungi in
    the fountain solution circuit.

Recommended dosage:  3 – 4 %
Recommended IPA dosage: 0 –2 %
Fogra (Heidelberg, Manroland, KBA) Certificates and ISEGA (Food packaging approval) available.

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